I’m extremely fond of tortilla. Unassuming, ubiquitous, simple. At most it has 5 ingredients and that’s counting salt and oil.

It’s on the counter of every bar, available as ración or offered as pintxos with a drink. It’s a good breakfast in a country that isn’t big on breakfast. I remember days walking the Camino where I couldn’t stand the thought of another tortilla, and days when I couldn’t wait to arrive at the next cafe and have a golden wedge with buttered toast.

There’s not much to it, gently sauté potatoes and onion (optional) in olive oil with salt until tender, add eggs. The beauty is in fresh ingredients (you have chickens in your Finca up the hill behind your bar, right?), and the skill is in the flip trick.

Being used to cast iron pan frittatas started on the stovetop and finished under a grill, I could have contentedly made some kind of hybrid, but my Santiago flatmate took my in hand and demonstrated the flip technique. I’ve also come to landing on slow and low sauté of the potatoes and onions, then once the egg is added stirring until it begins to set. There’s also a bit of pan-shaking and tucking that helps with the good bulged shape and to avoid sticking.

Sort of like this.

Easy! 😂


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