what is the puku?

the puku is the belly. the word is te reo Maori the language/tongue of my homeland and one part of my whakapapa (ancestry).. it is an affectionate term – food is very important in Maori culture, and bellies are not frowned upon! (when someone is tubby, they are pukunui – belly+big).

this blog is about ‘what’s inside’ – or soon to be inside – the puku: food!

I come from a food loving family – made up of generous cooks, (sometimes professional) chefs, bakers, winemakers, gardeners, food teachers.. and of course enthusiastic and involved eaters! I was born in Gisborne (wine country) on the East Coast of the North Island of Aotearoa / New Zealand, also living on Waiheke Island, in the Far North and Wellington before embarking on a ill-planned (there was a boy) OE (overseas experience) which has led to over 12 years in Australia – mostly in Nelson Bay, Townsville and now Sydney.

I am currently living between Sydney, Australia and Galizia, Spain, and doing my Ph.D in Anthropology, as ridiculous and sublime as that seems sometimes, and I am also a (now very part time) public servant. I love what I do.

the creation of this blog was a result of inspiration from the many wonderful food blogs I read from the global food blog community (wow, internet is SO great for procrastinating), questions from and discussions with friends about food and recipes, and the desire for a creative outlet over which I will have complete artistic and content control, without sharing, or being given endless edits and requests by a supervisor! horray!

you can email me at: zoembaker{AT}gmail{DOT}com : )


12 thoughts on “what is the puku?

  1. hI zo! hI puku! how exciting to be here – congrats on your classy blog-under-creation, yum. I’m looking forward to everything that goes on here….


  2. kapai girl – really good blog! cheers we’re driking asuperb cabsav and Mike is cooking us dinner. It’s hot but not as hot as the tropics. All’s well with the world! Lotsa love, Colin, Mike, Kim and Mama

  3. You are so CUTE!!!! What a great little blog – it’s so you! I will be keeping an eye on it as ofen as I can. And I’ll be dreaming excitedly of the day when I can once again have he pleasure of TASTING your scrumptious creations!

    Love and miss you lots! V xxxx

  4. Kia Ora,

    Just googled my name and saw your site. Awesum to c my name up there and all the food that the ‘puku’ wants for all its needs.

  5. kia ora zoe my name is Awhina Puku i was born in Rotorua. My father was born Haare Puku from Whangape the westcoast of the far north, the closest town would be Kaitaia.If you ever travel to New Zealand look us up

  6. Puku is also a Finnish word, meaning suit. Your slogan goes wonderfully with this meaning, too: it’s what’s inside that counts, not the suit!

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